Levels of Care

Pacific Hospice’s Levels of Care are covered by Medicare and Medi-Cal and include:
  • Routine Care: Pacific Hospice Care provides residential care and has established partnerships with long-term care facilities and nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and residential care facilities for the elderly.
  • Continuous Care (Intensive Comfort Care): Pacific Hospice Care can provide shifts of hospice staff for a brief period to help the patient remain at home through a difficult time, rather than transferring the patient to a hospital.
  • Inpatient Care: Pacific Hospice Care has special arrangements with nursing homes and other facilities where patients may receive necessary and appropriate inpatient care to address needs beyond what can be safely managed at home.
  • Respite Care: Limited to five consecutive days, respite care provides a brief “respite” for the patient’s primary caregiver by admitting the home care patient to an institutional setting without meeting the “inpatient” pain and symptom management criteria.

Additional Medicare and Medi-Cal covered treatments include:
  • Drugs, Equipment and Supplies: Pacific Hospice Care covers all medications, medical equipment and supplies related to the primary diagnosis and required for comfort and safety to treat the patient’s life-limiting illness.
  • Bereavement: Pacific Hospice care provides effective support to meet the needs of family members and friends after their loved one has died, helping them to get through the experience of loss and bereavement.

For more information, please call Pacific Hospice Care at (800) 787-5147

“Your visits always put a smile on my grandfathers face. We thank you for all your care and support.
-Laura, Randy and Family”